Transient man getting into train during the Depression.
Date: circa 1930s
Photo: Courtesy, Glenbow Archives -- NC-6-12955B   ***MANDATORY CREDIT***

Of Abjads and alphabets

To begin this week’s topic, here’s the abstract from Heffernan, K., et al.. (2010). Preserving Canada’s ‘honour’: Ideology and diachronic change in Canadian spelling variants. Recent studies of orthographic variation have demonstrated that ideology plays a central role in determining which spelling variants are adopted by a community. This study...


Roughing it

Chambers once again gets his hands grubby, laying out the historical facts and linguistic qualms about Canajan English under Briddish influence in the textbook chapter authored under the curious title ‘Canadian Dainty’ (Chambers, J.K. (2005). ‘Canadian Dainty‘: The rise and decline of Briticisms in Canada. In H. Raymond (Ed.), Legacies...

Canajan English

Canajan English

Jack Chambers, a Canajan linguist from the Big Smoke (the Untario cabbidal siddy a Toronna) got no lack of interest for the impudicity of vowel raising. He’s gottan overview of the genrull characteristics of Canajan English at the Strathy Language Unit website, ostensibly cos he ouda paper to Danny Woolf...


Animal Ethics in Theatre

“At large I’ve seen my life a dozen people die on the road and I said to myself that’s enough for one guy it’s too much but there was none worse than the hell I went through with the Ford Scorpio the summer of 2003 seeing it on the ocean’s...

Viking Portable Roman Reader, Basil Davenport

Viking Portable Roman Reader

Basil Davenport’s Roman Reader introduces its readers to the writings of Lucretius, Caesar, Cicero, as well as playwrights Plautus, Terence, Seneca, and other gems, such as the pointed words of Catullus, Livy, and Juvenal. Ezra Pound once posited that you could understand the historical development of English judging by its...


Aesop’s Fables

The moral of a story can lie behind our understanding of a story, as readers or authors, when now seemingly more than ever, morals and morality are shrouded in doubts, fears and disdain, although after reading some of Aesop’s fables, it’s rather clear that literature and the moral of the...

Tale of Genji Murasaki Waley

The Tale of Genji

Never before has an author or work at once made the word windfall so apt yet inadequate to describe the wild improbability and certain joy of discovering this excellent translation by Arthur Waley—originally composed by Lady Murasaki, with the panoramic humbleness of its myriad characters for the licit execution of...

Selected Poems of Malcolm Lowry

Selected Poems of Malcolm Lowry

Until opening one of his ephemeral collections of poetry, the penman behind the dirge-like Under the Volcano remains remarkable above all for his resolute tone of desperate devotion; but, hearing the songs contained by the black and white City Lights square-shaped collection is like listening to the first oration of...